Pre-Purim Laughter Therapy

March 2019

40 In touch women came together one morning to enjoy a much needed respite from Purim preparations.

This was no ordinary coffee morning. As we surrounded the elegant buffet table to fill our plates we were quite taken aback by the presence of a seemingly obnoxious visitor. “Who needs fruits? I have them at home”, “Oh no I can’t eat anything dairy”. But as she took her seat in the front of the room and continued with her tirade on everything from her weight to her daughter-in-law, we knew that this was the purpose of our visit today.

Ahuva Dalya Rotstein (ADAR, aka Rifky Gluck) entertained us with deep yet humorous words of wisdom interspersed with plenty advice. We cried with laughter and held our sides as she shared her stories and ended off with a jolly dance accompanied by a rendition of shoshnas yakov sung backwards!

The event reached the climax as Rifky brought out her accordion and we joined together in song.

The grand raffle topped off the event with the lucky winners leaving with gorgeous mishloach manos arrangements in hand, the generous donations of Gift Gallery, Linen Shop, Grapevine, Chocolate Fantasies and Gift Centre.