Lakeside BBQ

July 2019

As evening descended on the West Reservoir the heat of the day gave way to the perfect clear evening for an elegant BBQ.

The tables were gorgeously set for the In Touch mothers to experience an evening of royalty. The gourmet buffet included grilled meat and chicken, an exotic variety of salads and some fabulous looking desserts.

As with all In Touch events, no detail had been forgotten. It was the ultimate evening out for women who spend their days giving endlessly to their special children. The setting was perfect for mothers to connect with their In Touch buddies. Listening in to snippets of conversations revealed some of the unique struggles mothers contend with each day and the relief of some personal time.

We were honoured to be addressed by Mrs Chayale Freidlander who shared inspiration from her personal journey to becoming an In Touch ‘graduate’. We were all moved by her story and the profound message of Hashem’s careful and deliberate care for each one us.  

The quiz got us all buzzing further as we tried to solve the riddles which would earn us raffles to enter into the Chinese Auction. As the raffles were drawn everyone shared in the delight of the winners.

Heading out to the road it’s dark and quiet but in my mind’s eye I’m still by the water. Safe in the cocoon that is In Touch.