Kids United Events

Following requests from children, their parents and schools, Kids United (KU) was established as a division of In Touch. They felt that siblings and young carers of disabled children were suffering emotionally, socially and academically and would benefit from activities and support similar to that of their parents.

At KU, the children find a safe place where the spotlight is shifted from the child with special needs and focuses solely on their own well-being. Activities are in accordance with requests from the children and often led by older siblings assisted by the co-ordinator. We combine recreational activities with discussions and workshops in order to ensure maximum benefit to the young carers.

Through KU, being a sibling of a special child becomes a novelty rather than an imposition. As a young member told her sister; ‘Aren’t we lucky we can join these superbly fun programs?!’

Indeed, despite the difficulties, many children with a disabled sibling mature faster than their peers and feel a strong sense of responsibility for their special sibling. When given appropriate opportunities to express themselves, children are able to say ‘I’m part of a special family’.

“Kids United is what gets me through school”

“It’s a lifesaver to know that all the hard work I put in to my brother is rewarded with fun and activities for me to enjoy”

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for my children. The strength they take from this is noticeable; he is feeling a million dollars…”