When i is replaced by we- even illness becomes wellness

The best part of the convention was just switching off and spending time with my husband which is a rare occurrence in our busy lives. Mrs B

Thank you for organising the Purim Party. I enjoyed the skit as well as the speaker. We laughed and we cried and enjoyed the great refreshments. P F

Thank you so much for the wonderful day we spent at Woburn Safari Park in Windsor. It was lovely meeting up again with other In Touch families and we appreciated that you took care of all the details including disabled-accessible travel which enabled us to enjoy a rare day out together as a family. G M

Once again, your magazine arrived just when I needed that pick me up. The mixture of serious, humorous and educational articles were enjoyed by all the family. Our dog eared copies are passed along to wider family members to help them understand what it is we live with on a daily basis. Family J

This year’s convention was absolutely amazing – I enjoyed every minute. And what is even more amazing is that although it must become more challenging every year to match previous conventions. You always surpass yourself and create a programme with a delightful harmonious blend of fun, inspiration, activity and pleasure. S G S

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It was so good just to let go and have some fun with my In Touch family. And to get dirty and sticky in the process!!! The baking game was just great and the ‘masterpieces’ we produced were the funniest. I came home in such a good mood and ready to tackle whatever hit me. Thank you once again.

From the moment I stepped foot in Ashford International, I felt at home. Home from Home. The friendliness, the warmth, the food…. Everyone was so welcoming. Rabbi S spoke from his heart and Rabbi R was inspiring and uplifting as usual. Fam W

Thank you for showing Temple Grandin last night. It has changed my perception and understanding of Autism and although my child has a different disability, it was enlightening and educating to see the challenges of other disabilities. T G

Meeting with Rabbi R was a privilege and such a help. He listened and advised and helped us through the muddle in our minds giving us a clearer picture of the way forward. I appreciate your arranging this special time for me and my husband to have a one to one session. Mrs G

As much as I appreciated the convention at the time, it was nowhere near as much as the appreciation I felt on my return home – being able to fully internalise the words of inspiration, the strong feeling of friendship, you helped to create and generally my newfound feeling of greater acceptance for the challenges we have in our day to day life, whether it is with our special child or just in dealing with the challenges of being a busy wife, mother, daughter etc. there was a healthy balance throughout and it was just what I personally needed to recharge my well worn out batteries. M M